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Location: "De Bouillon", Honigcomplex
Session I: Cargo Bike Culture
Time: 13.30 - 14.30
* Chris Bruntlett: Vancouver’s Cargo Bike Revolution
* Yuki Yamamoto: Infrastructure quality and cargo bike users’ route choice
* Kevin Hickman: Beyond the Bicycle: updating the image of the mobility aid
* Mirjam de Wit: PLUTOMOBIEL creative education on a bike
* Anton Lytvynenko: GOSTRO, Street Food Experience
Session II: Cycle Logistics
Time: 15.00 - 15.45
* Johan Erlandsson: Next steps in city logistics containerization
* Charles Levillain: EU Pallets delivery by bike
* Andrej Sobotkiewicz: PAZTIR, Bringing Intelligence into Cycle Logistics
* Tom Parr: RIPPL, Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics
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