TRIPS E-Cargo bikes for the Pros!  are entirely designed and made in France in the Lyon region and are renowned, solid, robust, durable and reliable. It is thanks to 30 years of industrial know-how and mechanical expertise that we have been able to develop our TRIPS, which are real utility vehicles. Practical and efficient, they … Read more

Alligt Cargo Bike Wheels

With the higher weight come not only much higher, but also quite different loads on the wheels. These loads create problems for standard bicycle wheels. Alligt offers high quality, injection moulded and CNC machined wheels specially designed for cargo bikes. Alligt Cargo Bike Wheels are attending the International Cargo Bike Festival 2022 – you’ll find … Read more

Coaster Cycles

Coaster Cycles is helping change logistics and transportation with a one-of-a-kind, last-mile delivery solution. We are committed to providing a revolutionary alternative to shipping and service needs. Coaster Cycles inspires communities and brands to move, connect, and deliver with the world around them. Coaster builds and operates eco-friendly mobility products that provide transportation, delivery, and … Read more

Battery Control

The use of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is hugely popular in products such as phones, laptops, e-steps and e-bikes. As you can imagine, an e-bike or e-scooter battery contains much more energy than a phone or laptop. There are now millions of these heavy-duty batteries in circulation. Many pose a potential fire hazard because of … Read more


Best in quality and made with recyclable materials HIVEBOXES are extremely lightweight, durable and weatherproof boxes used in cycling logistics. These clever storage solutions are customizable and can be fitted to all cargo bikes. The HIVEBOX is made exclusively from polypropylene (PP) honeycomb panels. That is why it is so lightweight. And yet it is … Read more

Flevobike – GoLo

The GoLo is a unique cargobike platform that is as versatile as it is practical. It combines comfort with cargo capacity and practicality, making it ideal for day to day operations. One of the unique aspects is the low cargo area between the wheels, making the GoLo very stable but also easy to load and … Read more


Cargo Hybrid Need to shift a bulky load, or trying to figure out how to bring your kids along for the ride? The Cargo Hybrid is the environmentally friendly solution you’ve been looking for: simple, easy to ride and endlessly versatile. Powered by Bosch’s fourth generation drive system and featuring an EPP foam carrier with … Read more


Last mile mobility reinvented We are proud to present the most effective mobility solution for the city centre. Fulpra combines cargo capacity and robust technology with the convenience and smooth ride of a bike. Not just any bicycle, but the most powerful of its kind. Developed and produced in the Netherlands by the highest standards … Read more

Shimano eBike

Going car-light or car-free in the city has never been easier. Our E-Cargo systems are specially designed to take the load off. They do the donkey work so you can focus on the enjoyment of riding your family through the city – and breezing past traffic jams with your groceries and goods. Convenience never felt … Read more

Bosch eBike Systems

The eBike provides us with efficient mobility and is one of the most sustainable and healthiest means of transport of our time. For over 10 years, Bosch has been delivering innovative eBike drive systems that offer top performance and quality. Representing the new generation from Bosch eBike Systems, the smart system is fully networked and always … Read more