La Stazione delle Biciclette

Who we are We are Davide, Giovanni, Piergiorgio, Andrea, Elena, Herbert, Thomas we are cyclists. We like to ride and talk about bikes, we like to touch them, admire them, study them, look for the right bike and the right accessory to transmit our same passion to you, we also really like to make them. … Read more


The designer Charlélie Flamant unveils his prototype cargo bike called BIG TETU, the first bike in the TETU CARGOBIKES range. The aim of this project is to give access to the full potential of this transportation tool, by proposing a dynamic and sustainable utility bike, intended for creative individuals community groups and businesses looking for … Read more

Schoof & Jensen

WHAT IF BIKES BECAME MULTITOOLS ? We tend to own hundreds of tools for very different purposes – but what if we only needed one bike to accompany us on all our journeys in life? One that we could use to take the kids to nursery or the playground, spontaneously ride home the bulky waste … Read more

The new mobility.hub is the first product that offers a safe and smart parking solution for cargo.bikes in cities. It is designed to fit on a car park spot and can park two cargo bikes and two large bicycles on just 8m2. The parking is effortless; the large doors swing open on kerb side or … Read more


Our mission is to give people the right vehicle for their everyday living without impacting on the environment. A new harmonic way to conceive individual transportation with the new smart and clean urban landscape. Indimob is the answer to the contemporary demand for smart, efficient and stylish mobility.


At Fabriga we believe the bike is the vehicle of the future because it offers the quickest way to move from A to B. That’s why we are committed to building bikes that really serve. We don’t put cool gadgets on our bikes, we use serious components because they are more efficient in the long … Read more


Doublepress produces bicycle decals in the Netherlands. With high end quality and advanced technology, we provide convenient service to all countries in Europe. Water Transfer and Dry Transfer are our popular products.


We offer you the complete package for your bicycle fleet From the factory bicycle to the delivery bicycle, with or without motor, all this combined with competent and fast service. We offer you the suitable, reliable and durable complete bicycle according to your wishes. Our cargo bikes are “Made in Germany”. In our production in … Read more


VELLO SUB: ultralight, compact e-cargo bike The VELLO SUB (Smart Utility Bike) is one of the lightest longtail e-cargo bikes on the market.The powerful electric motor and large battery capacity allows to perform everyday tasks with ease: the SUB is lightweight and can be lifted effortlessly, and equipment can be adjusted without tools making it … Read more


CST Brooklyn Cargo Tyres for heavy loading Your cargo bike is a real workhorse. You want to transport your load safely – but you want to do it in reasonable comfort, too. Our urban tyre, the Brooklyn Cargo, is the perfect tyre for cargo bikes. The strong anti-puncture layer, the stiffened sidewalls, and ideal natural … Read more