As an absolute world first, we present you Snappy the easy dockable bicycle front trailer. One frame and different modules. Created for companies to care cargo and families to use it as a kids trailer or many other options. The idea was born, realized and patented by Kfz Technik Yasar in Bavaria, Germany within twenty … Read more

Roland Werk

Roland Werk has always stood for the development and production of intelligent transport solutions around the bicycle. With great competence and experience from over 45 years in the industry, we have become one of the leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of bicycle trailers and wheels for bicycles of all kinds. With the new … Read more


Free your bike Hassle-free biking – with the new 3X3 NINE gear hub. Cargo bikes are taking on an increasingly important role in urban environments, and this is intensifying the requirements for gearshifts. That’s why we’ve developed a gear hub that works perfectly and needs no maintenance, leaving you free to simply enjoy riding your … Read more

Ananda Drive

Embrace the ultimate convenience with the Ananda Cargoline! Say hello to a lifestyle of effortless ease and practicality, designed to carry heavy loads without even breaking a sweat.


Forget a boring commute Discover a completely new and exciting way to beat city traffic. Making Monday mornings worth getting up for! Our goal with the Model F was to take the original blueprints from the Model B and develop that into the fat bike of the future. The Brekr Model B has made commutes … Read more


The freedom to ride without the fear of theft. Bicycle theft has evolved to become a major social problem. But with BikeFinder, there is a solution. A state-of-the-art tracking device based on GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth technology. A technology that is easily integrated into any type of bicycle. An expansion mechanism secures the device inside … Read more


Established in the year 2010, YoYoSister has been in the business of travel solutions and services for a decade now. Over the years, we have served thousands of satisfied customers with our vision to make travel easy, safe, and enjoyable. Our aim is to provide unparalleled travel solutions that ensure our clients’ convenience, security, and … Read more


The world deserved a better bike. Gocycle® designed it. So passionate was Richard Thorpe about creating the perfect e-bike that he left a dream design job with McLaren Cars to dedicate all of his time to that purpose. With his experience in designing lightweight racing car components and enthusiasm for innovative engineering excellence, Richard believed … Read more


LEMMO from Berlin focuses on providing the most flexible rides for flexible souls Experience freedom with Lemmo One, unlocking limitless possibilities at your fingertips. Embrace a borderless lifestyle and let LEMMO lead the way to boundless exploration. A LEMMO bike can be purchased as an e-bike or as a traditional bicycle. What’s more, we further … Read more


Unfolding New Cargo Mobility. The foldable Avnson Urbanox is a fully-fledged foldable cargo bike that has been supplemented with the everyday suitability of ordinary bicycles. It saves space and creates room for new, individual types of load transport – and it literally unfolds undreamt-of possibilities. It is in no way inferior to conventional cargo bikes; … Read more