Kleuster, manufacturer of solutions for professionals Kleuster was born in 2012 from the ambition to offer professionals a tool that would enable them to operate efficiently in today’s cities. The name was chosen in honor of the work carried out with a number of professional and expert working groups, which led to the creation in … Read more


TrikeGo was born focusing on sustainable mobility, to ease the pedal-powered commuting of people and goods delivery in the city environment. It’s 100% made in Italy, perfect to be used by family, small business and big companies. Trikego is full of positive values and offers many opportunities. You’ll be surprised!


Mini cargo bike for maximum mobility — compact, lightweight, agile. Teamed with unlimited cargo flexibility due to the fast switch of load carriers with quick releases. Supported by the Shimano EP6 drive unit for a powerful, electric ride. The YOONIT Mini Cargobike is designed and assembled in Germany. YOONIT will exhibit on the Dr. Beyk … Read more


iMoto is one of the world’s leading hardware suppliers for connected mobility assets like cars, bikes and last-mile vehicles. The world of mobility is changing. Electric power assist for bikes is becoming the standard and electrification of vehicles is taking off. Another disruptive force is e-commerce and the last-mile delivery network enabling it. The one … Read more


Electric vehicles for delivery Efficient, safe, and sustainable: our all-in-one platform for commercial light electric vehicles has got you covered. Learn more about Zoomo’s partnership with EAV. Here’s how subscription works 1. Choose a plan Choose a subscription plan that’s right for you. 2. Get your e-bike Either pickup in store or get your bike … Read more


Designed for work. Built for change. EAV is a new generation vehicle company, developing solutions in the rapidly growing zero-emissions vehicles market – including the International Cargo Bike of the Year 2023. Built to revolutionise the process of urban delivery and logistics, we target reducing the impact the last mile has on our carbon footprint, … Read more


SPACE. SHIP. On the move with four children, and with additional luggage in the extra boot. So far impossible, yet a cakewalk for our new CD2. But the real highlight is: the bike carries all this load light-footedly around every bend – while still remaining stable at any speed and tip-proof when stationary. This is … Read more

Bike 43

Quality Family Rides The family bike of choice if you don’t fancy a cargo bike. A sleek and stylish way to move around town with kids, luggage or both. Not only is this bike great for getting from place to place, it looks great too. With its modern, ergonomic design and bright colours, the Bike43 … Read more


MOBY is a multi-vertical electric micro mobility operator headquartered in Ireland with operations across Ireland, UK, Benelux, Croatia and the United States. Our flagship product is providing e-bikes and e-cargo bikes from top brands as-a-service, bundling maintenance, charging and operations into an all-inclusive offering. We are an operations-driven company whose mission is to enable people … Read more


Chainless pedaling systems that provide a unique pedaling experience Offering a tailor-made experience, the PERS (Pedaling Energy Recovery System) adapts pedal resistance according to the rider’s style. Following a rapid set up and customisation phase, the rider selects their desired effort level (light, moderate or heavy) and the PERS takes care of the rest. You … Read more