As an absolute world first, we present Snappy: the easily dockable bicycle front trailer. It comes with one frame and various different modules. Created for businesses to carry cargo and for families to use it as a kids trailer; or many anything in between. The idea was born, realised and patented by Kfz Technik Yasar … Read more


Last-mile solutions: Bike cargo trailer components for professional applications The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group wants to make it easier for its customers to find solutions for last-mile logistics in the future by offering bike cargo trailer components for professional applications. The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group has many years of experience in the commercial trailer sector. … Read more

ROAM Carrier Solutions

The Connect Carrier Cargo is a real powerhouse for organizing the logistics process within your business more efficiently. With specific attention to the wheelchair user. The Connect Carrier Cargo is compact, has a large range and thanks to the option to close the box, it can be used in all weather conditions.

Roland Werk

Roland Werk has always stood for the development and production of intelligent transport solutions around the bicycle. With great competence and experience from over 45 years in the industry, we have become one of the leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of bicycle trailers and wheels for bicycles of all kinds. With the new … Read more

Vroegh Design

We are a leading Dutch design and engineering agency specializing in the innovative development of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). With a team of experienced designers and engineers, we are the preferred R&D partner for established brands and promising startups, dedicated to creating stunning vehicles and providing exceptional technical solutions. Our comprehensive range of services spans … Read more

Black Iron Horse

Safe Danish Cargo Bikes BLACK IRON HORSE cargo bikes fuse safety, sustainability, quality and design innovation. We produce the best cargo bikes possible without compromising aesthetics. Our cargo bikes are simple, functional, and require minimal maintenance. BLACK IRON HORSE cargo bikes make getting around both pleasurable and environmentally friendly.   BLACK IRON HORSE will exhibit … Read more

Larry vs Harry

A Bullitt for All. All for the Bullitt. Larry vs Harry are owned and operated by dedicated and experienced developers, Lars Malmborg and Hans Fogh, who are helped by a dedicated bike and riding loving team. The foundation of their working relationship and continuing innovation, was, and still is their uncompromising dedication to quality and … Read more

Dr. Beyk

Sustainable, honest and service-oriented is our motto… being big by staying small! We have specialised in cargo bikes for children and businesses for 25 years. Our specialisation, dedication and good cooperation with suppliers allow us to offer you the very best cargo bikes with a wide range of options. We take pride in prioritising personal … Read more


Free your bike Hassle-free biking – with the new 3X3 NINE gear hub. Cargo bikes are taking on an increasingly important role in urban environments, and this is intensifying the requirements for gearshifts. That’s why we’ve developed a gear hub that works perfectly and needs no maintenance, leaving you free to simply enjoy riding your … Read more

Ananda Drive

Embrace the ultimate convenience with the Ananda Cargoline! Say hello to a lifestyle of effortless ease and practicality, designed to carry heavy loads without even breaking a sweat.