Loadr.pro | Stand D6

Cargo boxes for LEVs and cargo bikes The Loadr.pro Basic system consists of a series of aluminum profiles, corresponding corner pieces, and hinges, handles and other accessories that, together with the lightweight panels, form the base. With the Loadr.pro Basic system, any size of cargo boxes can be manufactured, no initial investment is required by … Read more

RAAF | Stand C6

Mobility Makers To achieve sustainable mobility and logistics in urban areas, the use of bicycles is a key solution. We develop and manufacter high-end innovative bicycle solutions for family use and professional needs.

Antric | Stand C37

With the Antric One we deliver the solution for the green cities of tomorrow. CO2 neutral and up to 60% more efficient than a conventional diesel truck, the compact manoeuvrable Antric One delivers your goods right to your customer. The innovative trolley system in combination with the low loading area enables easy loading and smooth … Read more

TRIPS | Stand C34

TRIPS E-Cargo bikes for the Pros!  are entirely designed and made in France in the Lyon region and are renowned, solid, robust, durable and reliable. It is thanks to 30 years of industrial know-how and mechanical expertise that we have been able to develop our TRIPS, which are real utility vehicles. Practical and efficient, they … Read more

Coaster Cycles | Stand C16

Coaster Cycles is helping change logistics and transportation with a one-of-a-kind, last-mile delivery solution. We are committed to providing a revolutionary alternative to shipping and service needs. Coaster Cycles inspires communities and brands to move, connect, and deliver with the world around them. Coaster builds and operates eco-friendly mobility products that provide transportation, delivery, and … Read more

Hivebox | Stand D5

Best in quality and made with recyclable materials HIVEBOXES are extremely lightweight, durable and weatherproof boxes used in cycling logistics. These clever storage solutions are customizable and can be fitted to all cargo bikes. The HIVEBOX is made exclusively from polypropylene (PP) honeycomb panels. That is why it is so lightweight. And yet it is … Read more

Flevobike – GoLo | Stand C33

The GoLo is a unique cargobike platform that is as versatile as it is practical. It combines comfort with cargo capacity and practicality, making it ideal for day to day operations. One of the unique aspects is the low cargo area between the wheels, making the GoLo very stable but also easy to load and … Read more

Fulpra | Stand C15

Last mile mobility reinvented We are proud to present the most effective mobility solution for the city centre. Fulpra combines cargo capacity and robust technology with the convenience and smooth ride of a bike. Not just any bicycle, but the most powerful of its kind. Developed and produced in the Netherlands by the highest standards … Read more

BKL | Stand C28

BKL was born in 2013 with the aim of designing, manufacturing and assembling a new line of electric vehicles for different types of sectors. To date, BKL vehicles are working in Spain, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Finland, changing the production model in areas such as street cleaning, capillary logistics distribution, tourism and … Read more

Eccov | Stand C27

ECCOV.Inc., started by two founders who formerly worked as engineers at South Korean giant company Hyundai Motor Group is positioned to lessen the issue if not totally solve them by being a micro mobility platform creator. It is also a spin-off company from Hyundai Motor. The tech driven leaders together with their devoted colleagues are … Read more