RAD15 is about functionality, quality, individuality, the freedom of choice. No-nonsense rims for a wide variety of bikes and intended uses. Developed based on experience and our drive to improve. Our specialized production process offers extreme flexibility to produce exactly the rim you are looking for, in sizes and spoke count. Introducing the RAD15 Tornado35 … Read more

Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland

Want to convert your own bike into an electric bike? Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland is an experienced specialist in converting ‘normal’ bicycles into e-bikes. From cargo bike and city bike to mountain bike; from recumbent to tandem, from folding bike to wheelchair bike. Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland has conversion kits with a motor in the front wheel … Read more


Rohloff E-14 The new electronic Rohloff E-14 shifting system raises the bar for shifting E-bikes transmissions. Never before has shifting been so easy, intelligent and comfortable. All this combined with legendary Rohloff quality. The new E-14 from Rohloff synchronizes perfectly with the mid-motor, Bosch / Panasonic FIT eBike system to operate the now legendary Rohloff … Read more


Beplakjebak.nl  As befriended cargo bike dads, we noticed that ALL cargo bikes look alike. Missed opportunity! We don’t all drive the same colour car, do we? How much more fun would the streets be if we transported our children, groceries or pets from A to B in beautiful, colourful creations. We offer standard/custom made stickers … Read more

Mastiff Cargo Bike

Rolling massive – MASTIFF. MASTIFF is our self-designed and -developed, Long John-type cargo bike which is manufactured in Hungary. We estabilished the brand in 2020, and now we offer a stable, fast and practical partner in everyday transport and delivery, which is available in normal and pedelec version. With its variable accessories (open transport boxes, … Read more


#rethinkyourmobility Our sustainable cargo bikes with wooden frames equipped with a Made in Germany electric motor (neodrives Z20) are your daily companion. Accessories made from reused materials and of lasting quality provide you with mobility and flexibility in your everyday life.


Cargo boxes for LEVs and cargo bikes The Loadr.pro Basic system consists of a series of aluminum profiles, corresponding corner pieces, and hinges, handles and other accessories that, together with the lightweight panels, form the base. With the Loadr.pro Basic system, any size of cargo boxes can be manufactured, no initial investment is required by … Read more


Mobility Makers To achieve sustainable mobility and logistics in urban areas, the use of bicycles is a key solution. We develop and manufacter high-end innovative bicycle solutions for family use and professional needs.


With the Antric One we deliver the solution for the green cities of tomorrow. CO2 neutral and up to 60% more efficient than a conventional diesel truck, the compact manoeuvrable Antric One delivers your goods right to your customer. The innovative trolley system in combination with the low loading area enables easy loading and smooth … Read more


TRIPS E-Cargo bikes for the Pros!  are entirely designed and made in France in the Lyon region and are renowned, solid, robust, durable and reliable. It is thanks to 30 years of industrial know-how and mechanical expertise that we have been able to develop our TRIPS, which are real utility vehicles. Practical and efficient, they … Read more