ABUS | Stand C1

Safety around the bike Whether you want to secure your bike against theft or protect your head in the event of a fall with a bike helmet: ABUS offers the right solution! Starting with basic protection to high-tech locks in terms of theft protection. Or with bicycle helmets from the first children’s helmet to the … Read more

Loadr.pro | Stand D6

Cargo boxes for LEVs and cargo bikes The Loadr.pro Basic system consists of a series of aluminum profiles, corresponding corner pieces, and hinges, handles and other accessories that, together with the lightweight panels, form the base. With the Loadr.pro Basic system, any size of cargo boxes can be manufactured, no initial investment is required by … Read more

Redler Technologies | Stand C20

We are devoted to motion control and power distribution engineering At Redler Technologies, our primary focus is listening to customers throughout the development process, leading to a superior solution. We have perfected the process of collaborating with our customers, attending to their many requirements to build the best possible solution in power-support and motion needs.

Aluminized | Stand D2

High-quality aluminium machining Aluminized is a leading company in the production of aluminium components, semi-finished products and products. We specialise in laser cutting, deburring, bending, (robotic) welding and powder coating of aluminium sheet and tube constructions. We like to think along with you about the feasibility of your design. From prototype construction to full series … Read more

reTyre | Stand B20

reTyre is (probably) the world’s most innovative tire brand and the only manufacturer in the world to make modular tire systems. Perfect for e-bikes, perfect for commuters, perfect for cargo bikes, and perfect for everyone who wants to ride their bike all year round. With the reTyre system, you can instantly change your tire attributes, … Read more

Alligt Cargo Bike Wheels | Stand C33

With the higher weight come not only much higher, but also quite different loads on the wheels. These loads create problems for standard bicycle wheels. Alligt offers high quality, injection moulded and CNC machined wheels specially designed for cargo bikes. Alligt Cargo Bike Wheels are attending the International Cargo Bike Festival 2022 – you’ll find … Read more

Battery Control | Stand B27

The use of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is hugely popular in products such as phones, laptops, e-steps and e-bikes. As you can imagine, an e-bike or e-scooter battery contains much more energy than a phone or laptop. There are now millions of these heavy-duty batteries in circulation. Many pose a potential fire hazard because of … Read more

Hivebox | Stand D5

Best in quality and made with recyclable materials HIVEBOXES are extremely lightweight, durable and weatherproof boxes used in cycling logistics. These clever storage solutions are customizable and can be fitted to all cargo bikes. The HIVEBOX is made exclusively from polypropylene (PP) honeycomb panels. That is why it is so lightweight. And yet it is … Read more

Shimano eBike | Stand A27

Going car-light or car-free in the city has never been easier. Our E-Cargo systems are specially designed to take the load off. They do the donkey work so you can focus on the enjoyment of riding your family through the city – and breezing past traffic jams with your groceries and goods. Convenience never felt … Read more

Bosch eBike Systems | Stand C8

The eBike provides us with efficient mobility and is one of the most sustainable and healthiest means of transport of our time. For over 10 years, Bosch has been delivering innovative eBike drive systems that offer top performance and quality. Representing the new generation from Bosch eBike Systems, the smart system is fully networked and always … Read more