Italian manufacturer Bicicapace has been designing and producing bicycles since 2010. They work to realise practical, reliable, safe and comfortable bikes, and produce compact cargo and utility bikes that have a well-defined loading volume immediately available. Various different models are available; the Compact, the Justlong and a newborn, the Pelican. Our customers can choose and customise … Read more

BicyLift by Fleximodal

BicyLift provides an alternative to the tail lift and pallet jack combination for single pallet delivery flows to recipients in dense urban zones. Combining the features of a handling tool and delivery vehicle, BicyLift is a solution that is particularly well suited to last mile logistics.

4Wieler is manufacturer of 4Wheel bikes in several versions. Our BYKKAR series is meant for transporting Cargo in larger volumes. We have models for 1 person (Solo) and 2 persons (Duo). Both with large boxes and optional with a trailer. All 4Wielers can be delivered as e-bikes with high capacity batteries and even TWIN POWER: … Read more


Chike is a cutting edge compact cargo bike, which combines great use with pure driving pleasure. Its suspended tilting chassis allows for high manoeuvrability and fast cornering. With its compact size of less than 2m in length and only 73cm maximal width it is just as much at home on narrow cycle paths as in … Read more


More than just a cargo bike The muli cargo bike sets new standards in compactness. With a length of only 195 cm it is just as long as a normal bicycle. But that’s not enough, as the large 100-litre basket can be folded down to a width of only 28 cm. So the muli is … Read more


EnVanCorven builds trikes tailored for large, heavy and special transport. Electrical supported and elegantly designed. With a edition of 1 to 100 or more. EnVanCorven builds the one-off models and prototypes in an arts and crafts style of way in his own workshop. Small and large series are outsourced to a network of specialized companies. … Read more

IEV Distribution

The IEV-Distribution Group is Danish tech company developing and producing high quality 3-wheel cargo electric vehicles for professional use. IEVs electric vehicles are developed according to highest international standards, with high quality materials and components. The vehicle’s  can be delivered as customized versions for postal services, catering, transport of goods, rental services according to customers … Read more


Radkutsche produces two models of cargo bikes, the two-wheeled RAPID and the three-wheeled MUSKETIER. Sustainable mobility is the goal of Radkutsche. They put all of their energy into developing the perfect cargo bicycle: whether two- or three-wheeled, the bikes are well thought-out, ergonomic and swift companions for day-to-day use. The Radkutsche bikes are not mass-produced … Read more


Number5unexplained is the solution for urban mobility. She is a long tail cargo bike, designed to carry people, pets, and stuff. She is light and agile, fits in a bike parking space, and can be taken on train and metro (in some cities also on buses). Number5unexplained sets a new standard in bicycle design, production … Read more


We create a friendly atmosphere The mission of our company is constant care for the comfort of our clients’ lives, we strive to provide our clients with the right atmosphere in: home, office, shop or during leisure. Caring for people is also caring for the environment that surrounds them, therefore we make every effort to … Read more