Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec – FCCP

Today, 75% of Europeans live in cities and suffer from air and noise pollution and traffic jams. The transport sector in European cities currently causes 50% of emissions and 30% of vehicle kilometres, thus is one of the major contributors to this issue. Due to expanding e-commerce, the last mile delivery has fundamentally changed. Goods … Read more

Cyclespark Greenolution

CycleSpark offers extra large e-cargo bike solutions to build clean and livable cities. e-cargo bikes that can carry larger volumes and heavier payloads that are similar to a diesel van. We have more then 5 year experience in large cargo bikes. If you are searching for the best cargo bike for your application we can … Read more

Babboe Pro

The solution to your mobility needs! Babboe Pro cargo bikes are designed for quick, easy and clean mobility in city traffic. We have a wide range of bikes with container volumes ranging from 300 to 2000 litres. Choose from several types of electric motors Service at your company. Ideally suited for transporting goods in an … Read more

Carla Cargo

CARLA is the emission-free alternative to a car and sets new standards for e-mobility. CARLA delights with a great riding pleasure and allows you to transport heavy loads quickly, environmentally friendly and without sitting in traffic. CARLA can be combined with any regular bicycle or e-bike. Thanks to an integrated mechanical overrun brake, it is … Read more

Cargo Bike Monkeys

The 3rd generation Cargo Bike Monkeys rolls on the streets in March 2019. New in our range are the models with Shimano STePS motor and Pinion gearbox drive. Handcraftet Cargo Bikes from Germany Frame building in Germany and assembly in Münster Spaceframe Design Lightweight construction, extremely stiff and extraordinary riding stability Lightweight costruction 18 kg … Read more


Bakfiets.nl: the ORIGINAL cargo bike. Due to their unprecedented quality, Bakfiets.nl bikes from 20 years ago are still riding around; and they are frequently sold for good prices on the second hand market. The cargo bikes of Bakfiets.nl are produced by AZOR bike in the Netherlands (Hoogeveen) since 1999. In Hoogeveen they are constantly working … Read more

Velove bikes

At Velove we improve city logistics. Our solution consists of two main parts: an electric cargo bike that satisfies all type of transportation needs and a containerisation system that improves last mile delivery time and protects parcels. Our mission is to replace as many vans as possible! In 2019 Velove won the first ever International … Read more