One man. One bike. Presenting a strong cargo bike. To take you where no man has gone before. Expeditions in extreme environments. Or just for daily work. It conquers rocks, glaciers and the urban jungle. It’s cargo biking made cool. It’s cargo biking made easy. It’s made for business – and it is a pleasure. … Read more


We are WIKE… the Walk and Bike Company. We’re trying to change the world and it’s working! We believe in the active transportation movement and support it at home and abroad. Our mission is to design bike trailers that allow people to walk and cycle effortlessly through their everyday needs. We are continually improving our bicycle trailers and … Read more


I:SY makes a compact, multi-functional bicycles that are at least equal to, if not superior to, the performance and handling characteristics of 26″ and 28″ bikes. The performance of the i:SY is impressive. Agile, accurate and strong in sprints, yet extremely stable, even with luggage. Whether for everyday use, as a city runabout, for the … Read more

Tern Bicycles

At Tern, we’re working to build a sustainable future based on a core belief that the bicycle—the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle—is central to that vision. Every action we take can be traced to this single, simple foundation. We build bikes with an eye to changing the world. Or at least the way that folks get around. … Read more


AddBike is a French company specialising in the development of innovative bicycle accessories promoting urban mobility. Its main product, the AddBike+ turns your bike into a compact and handy urban cargo bike, for all your transportation needs (children, pets, loads…). The AddBike is an economic and compact cargo bicycle that can carry loads up to … Read more

Nijland Cycling

Nijland Cycling specialises in the development and production of cargo bikes, rehabilitation bikes and city bikes for young and old. Their product range consists of various product groups and a large number of models including tandems, tricycles, bicycles for the elderly, cargo bikes and wbikes for children. More than 25 years of innovation and quality … Read more


Italian manufacturer Bicicapace has been designing and producing bicycles since 2010. They work to realise practical, reliable, safe and comfortable bikes, and produce compact cargo and utility bikes that have a well-defined loading volume immediately available. Various different models are available; the Compact, the Justlong and a newborn, the Pelican. Our customers can choose and customise … Read more

4Wieler is manufacturer of 4Wheel bikes in several versions. Our BYKKAR series is meant for transporting Cargo in larger volumes. We have models for 1 person (Solo) and 2 persons (Duo). Both with large boxes and optional with a trailer. All 4Wielers can be delivered as e-bikes with high capacity batteries and even TWIN POWER: … Read more


Chike is a cutting edge compact cargo bike, which combines great use with pure driving pleasure. Its suspended tilting chassis allows for high manoeuvrability and fast cornering. With its compact size of less than 2m in length and only 73cm maximal width it is just as much at home on narrow cycle paths as in … Read more


More than just a cargo bike The muli cargo bike sets new standards in compactness. With a length of only 195 cm it is just as long as a normal bicycle. But that’s not enough, as the large 100-litre basket can be folded down to a width of only 28 cm. So the muli is … Read more