Blubrake, newer and safer cycling experience blubrake is a leading company that develops and produces advanced mechatronic systems focused on braking and sensing applications for bicycles. The company was founded as part of the e-Novia group and it’s on the market with an innovative ABS (anti-lock braking system) for e-bikes. blubrake aims to create an … Read more


Radkutsche produces two models of cargo bikes, the two-wheeled RAPID and the three-wheeled MUSKETIER. Sustainable mobility is the goal of Radkutsche. They put all of their energy into developing the perfect cargo bicycle: whether two- or three-wheeled, the bikes are well thought-out, ergonomic and swift companions for day-to-day use. The Radkutsche bikes are not mass-produced … Read more

Maderna Bicycle Design & Innovation

MCS Maderna Cycle Systems develops concept and new vehicles in the field of transportation design, B2B as well as for private clients. They attend consultation and development right to the ready for production prototype as well as production to both, companies and private individuals. The goal of our company is to find solutions for the … Read more

Lastenrad Bremen

Lastenrad Bremen is a cargo bike store where you can find a wide range of cargo bike brands for everyday use, be it to carry kids and groceries, or for commercial use like deliveries or services. Cargo bikes are our hobby. We have been using them ourselves for years and see them as part of … Read more


Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycles, scooterbikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step trough bikes (also known as comfortbikes). Each model is also available as an electric bike (Pedelec). At the ICBF 2019 they will bring their newly developed rikshaw “Chat” and the “GoCab”, the XL cargobike that holds … Read more

Urban Arrow

Nice to meet you Selling over ten thousand units in 2019, the Amsterdam based company Urban Arrow is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cargo bikes. It has an ever-expanding network of over 500 authorised dealers worldwide. Urban Arrow’s clean and quiet electric mobility products serve both families and businesses. Innovation, research and development are … Read more

Riese & Müller

It all began with two engineers, a good idea and a garage. But not in California, rather in the south of Hesse. In Darmstadt, to be more precise. In the parent’s courtyard. Immediately after the company was founded, it won the Innovation Prize 1993 and has grown to become an internationally renowned premium manufacturer of … Read more

Rad Power Bikes

We are a group of dedicated ebike enthusiasts, product designers, and entrepreneurs with a passion for business and technology. Since its inception in 2007, Rad Power Bikes has been at the forefront of electric vehicle development, pioneering technologies from high capacity lithium-ion batteries to ebike status gauges. After years of product refinement, our ebikes are … Read more

Johnny Loco

Ten years of delight on the Cargo Cruiser There is always a reason to go out of the house, take your Cargo Cruiser and discover the roads! Whether it is to run some errands or to go picnicking with your kids in the park, to drop off some stuff at a friend’s place or just … Read more


Be the new superhero of urban mobility GLEAM: the Cargo eBike with tilting technology for urban and smart mobility. GLEAM team is formed by specialists from various fields, who have set themselves the goal of creating tailor-made, high quality solutions for their customers in the field of urban mobility. If you want to join us in … Read more