Battery Control

The use of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is hugely popular in products such as phones, laptops, e-steps and e-bikes. As you can imagine, an e-bike or e-scooter battery contains much more energy than a phone or laptop. There are now millions of these heavy-duty batteries in circulation. Many pose a potential fire hazard because of … Read more


The clever solution for loading and swapping mobile batteries Charging and range problems? Swobbee solves them! Swobbee is the efficient solution for the professional operation of Small electric vehicle fleets in the field of sharing, logistics and delivery as well as other electricity-based applications. Our Battery-as-a-Service and Charging-as-a-Service approach enables a simple, convenient and cost-optimized … Read more


Cargoroo offers shared electric cargo bikes in both neighbourhoods and shopping streets of urban environments. Our shared e-cargo bikes are an essential ingredient to the mobility mix of tomorrow and the solution to moving kids and cargo around town. By doing so we provide a fun, healthy, sustainable and fast alternative to car ownership and … Read more