High-quality aluminium machining Aluminized is a leading company in the production of aluminium components, semi-finished products and products. We specialise in laser cutting, deburring, bending, (robotic) welding and powder coating of aluminium sheet and tube constructions. We like to think along with you about the feasibility of your design. From prototype construction to full series … Read more

Broadcast Bike

Broadcast Bike is a pedal-powered broadcast ‘van’ capable of carrying out livestreams and multicamera recordings. It is built into a GLEAM cargo bike and is operated out of Rotterdam by Bart Buermans. Record your presentation or interview for free at the Broadcast Bike Studio, right on the expo floor (stand C35) of the International Cargo … Read more

Flevobike – GoLo

The GoLo is a unique cargobike platform that is as versatile as it is practical. It combines comfort with cargo capacity and practicality, making it ideal for day to day operations. One of the unique aspects is the low cargo area between the wheels, making the GoLo very stable but also easy to load and … Read more


Amphibious Camper-Trikes for immersive outdoor adventures BeTriton (formerly known as Z-Triton) is an Amphibious Camper-Trike that offers freedom to travel continuously both over land and water. 100% electric Recreational Vehicle – a revolution in sustainable outdoor travel. Perfect for either long-distance adventures or short weekend getaways deep in nature.  

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Do you want more cyclists in your city? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The Dutch Cycling Embassy can help. Cycling might seem second nature to the Dutch, but it hasn’t always been that way. We want to share our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of cycling so that more cities and countries … Read more


The 4Wieler is an innovative bicycle with stability and sturdiness as the most important feature. On the 4Wieler you sit with your whole body within the tilting lines of the bicycle, so that it is no longer possible to fall over. On a 4Wieler you cycle as on a normal bicycle; you sit on a … Read more


Cargoroo offers shared electric cargo bikes in both neighbourhoods and shopping streets of urban environments. Our shared e-cargo bikes are an essential ingredient to the mobility mix of tomorrow and the solution to moving kids and cargo around town. By doing so we provide a fun, healthy, sustainable and fast alternative to car ownership and … Read more