La Stazione delle Biciclette

Who we are We are Davide, Giovanni, Piergiorgio, Andrea, Elena, Herbert, Thomas we are cyclists. We like to ride and talk about bikes, we like to touch them, admire them, study them, look for the right bike and the right accessory to transmit our same passion to you, we also really like to make them. … Read more

The new mobility.hub is the first product that offers a safe and smart parking solution for cargo.bikes in cities. It is designed to fit on a car park spot and can park two cargo bikes and two large bicycles on just 8m2. The parking is effortless; the large doors swing open on kerb side or … Read more


Electric vehicles for delivery Efficient, safe, and sustainable: our all-in-one platform for commercial light electric vehicles has got you covered. Learn more about Zoomo’s partnership with EAV. Here’s how subscription works 1. Choose a plan Choose a subscription plan that’s right for you. 2. Get your e-bike Either pickup in store or get your bike … Read more


MOBY is a multi-vertical electric micro mobility operator headquartered in Ireland with operations across Ireland, UK, Benelux, Croatia and the United States. Our flagship product is providing e-bikes and e-cargo bikes from top brands as-a-service, bundling maintenance, charging and operations into an all-inclusive offering. We are an operations-driven company whose mission is to enable people … Read more

ROAM Carrier Solutions

The Connect Carrier Cargo is a real powerhouse for organizing the logistics process within your business more efficiently. With specific attention to the wheelchair user. The Connect Carrier Cargo is compact, has a large range and thanks to the option to close the box, it can be used in all weather conditions.


Unfolding New Cargo Mobility. The foldable Avnson Urbanox is a fully-fledged foldable cargo bike that has been supplemented with the everyday suitability of ordinary bicycles. It saves space and creates room for new, individual types of load transport – and it literally unfolds undreamt-of possibilities. It is in no way inferior to conventional cargo bikes; … Read more

Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland

Want to convert your own bike into an electric bike? Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland is an experienced specialist in converting ‘normal’ bicycles into e-bikes. From cargo bike and city bike to mountain bike; from recumbent to tandem, from folding bike to wheelchair bike. Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland has conversion kits with a motor in the front wheel … Read more

Broadcast Bike

Broadcast Bike is a pedal-powered broadcast ‘van’ capable of carrying out livestreams and multicamera recordings. It is built into a cargo bike and is operated out of Rotterdam by Bart Buermans. Stream & Record With 3 PTZ cameras, up to 5 additional sources and LTE connectivity, we can provide recordings and livestreams from just about … Read more


The GoLo is a unique cargobike platform that is as versatile as it is practical. It combines comfort with cargo capacity and practicality, making it ideal for day to day operations. One of the unique aspects is the low cargo area between the wheels, making the GoLo very stable but also easy to load and … Read more

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Do you want more cyclists in your city? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The Dutch Cycling Embassy can help. Cycling might seem second nature to the Dutch, but it hasn’t always been that way. We want to share our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of cycling so that more cities and countries … Read more