Cargo bike builder Wim Koning

Wim Koning is an enthusiastic cargo bike builder. He was present at the ICBF in 2015  and 2016 in Nijmegen with the wedding bike, the funeral bike and street cleaning bike. It all started in April 2004 when Wim bought a delivery bike from the neighbourhood and refurbished it. It went so well that they … Read more


Van Raam produces uniquely special needs bicycles and specializes in tricycles, scooterbikes, wheelchair bikes, tandem bikes, double rider bikes, and low step trough bikes (also known as comfortbikes). Each model is also available as an electric bike (Pedelec). At the ICBF 2019 they will bring their newly developed rikshaw “Chat” and the “GoCab”, the XL cargobike that holds … Read more

Spaak Groningen

Café Spaak is a cycling café located in the center of Groningen. In the cafe we ​​serve the most delicious coffee, espresso, latte and so on, with all kinds of delicacies such as banana bread, caramel shortcake and apple pie. In addition, we are working very hard to provide the store with all kinds of … Read more


The preliminaries of the Open Dutch Championship Slowbiking will be rolling at the ICBF2020 in Nijmegen. In this context Slowbiking means biking as slow as possible on a 11 meter track accompanied by live music. As the world around us is fast-paced, we go back to first gear to snap out of the daily rush. … Read more


In the summer of 2010, our family made the conscious decision to sell the family car, embarking on a new and enlightening adventure. Forced to move to a multi-modal commute, relying on public transit, walking and a great deal of cycling, we quickly realized the benefits of living a ‘car-lite’ lifestyle, not the least of … Read more

Fuel Cell Cargo Pedelec – FCCP

Today, 75% of Europeans live in cities and suffer from air and noise pollution and traffic jams. The transport sector in European cities currently causes 50% of emissions and 30% of vehicle kilometres, thus is one of the major contributors to this issue. Due to expanding e-commerce, the last mile delivery has fundamentally changed. Goods … Read more