Cargo bikes in Rotterdam

A team of students from the Infrastructure and Mobility minor of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have conducted research into the use of cargo bikes and the infrastructural consequences and possibilities thereof for urban distribution in Rotterdam. The conclusions and recommendations are laid down in a particularly good research report. A link to te … Read more

ICBF 2017, reports, blogposts, videos, photos

The reports, blogposts, videos and photos of the ICBF 2017 are listed here: Reports & articles ICBF Magazine 2017 De Gelderlander: Package delivery by bike Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics, RIPPL Blogs Pluto!: International Cargo Bike Festival 2017 Johan Erlandsson: We have come full circle – an Armadillo is now in operation in Nijmegen Why containerisation can … Read more

Urban Arrow participates at the ICBF2017

Urban Arrow participated at the ICBF 2017 and also sponsored the event. Urban Arrow started about five years ago and aims to make the city quieter and greener with electric cargo bicycles. Urban Arrow makes attractive, high-quality transport bicycles that can move quickly through the city thanks to the latest technology and modern materials and … Read more