As an absolute world first, we present you Snappy the easy dockable bicycle front trailer. One frame and different modules. Created for companies to care cargo and families to use it as a kids trailer or many other options. The idea was born, realized and patented by Kfz Technik Yasar in Bavaria, Germany within twenty … Read more

Roland Werk

Roland Werk has always stood for the development and production of intelligent transport solutions around the bicycle. With great competence and experience from over 45 years in the industry, we have become one of the leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of bicycle trailers and wheels for bicycles of all kinds. With the new … Read more


Free your bike Hassle-free biking – with the new 3X3 NINE gear hub. Cargo bikes are taking on an increasingly important role in urban environments, and this is intensifying the requirements for gearshifts. That’s why we’ve developed a gear hub that works perfectly and needs no maintenance, leaving you free to simply enjoy riding your … Read more


Unfolding New Cargo Mobility. The foldable Avnson Urbanox is a fully-fledged foldable cargo bike that has been supplemented with the everyday suitability of ordinary bicycles. It saves space and creates room for new, individual types of load transport – and it literally unfolds undreamt-of possibilities. It is in no way inferior to conventional cargo bikes; … Read more

Shuz Tung Machinery

 Established in 1978, SHUZ TUNG has been dedicated to manufacturing various bike production machinery and automation equipment. With more than 40 years of experience in bike industry, SHUZ TUNG accumulates crucial know-hows of bike production, so customers are provided with highly effective, highly integrated supports. WIDE RANGE OF BIKE PRODUCTION MACHINES CLASSIC: Frame tube production … Read more

Cleantron & Vroegh Design

Cleantron is a leading producer of Li-ion Battery Modules for industries like mobility and e-bikes. Vroegh Design (VD) is a globally active design & engineering consultancy that can help you building the future of e-mobility. Cleantron and VD form a strong team, both based in the Netherlands, creating advanced smart solutions for light electric mobility. … Read more


We are thrilled to introduce RevolGo, Mumbai’s pioneering e-cargo bicycle startup, as the first-ever exhibitor from India at this year’s International Cargo Bike Festival 2023! RevolGo, made in India, has embarked on a remarkable journey to redefine last-mile deliveries in India, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase our cutting-edge ‘long john’ model bicycle … Read more

LIMOTEC Cargo E-Trike

Safety comes first, which is why the LIMOTEC E-Trike was also developed as a 3-wheeler for urban use. The tiltable chassis with variable platform improves the driving characteristics. Thanks to the chassis control system the tilting movements of the E-trike can be well controlled even when standing. This makes it easier to stow children, pets, … Read more


RAD15 is about functionality, quality, individuality, the freedom of choice. No-nonsense rims for a wide variety of bikes and intended uses. Developed based on experience and our drive to improve. Our specialized production process offers extreme flexibility to produce exactly the rim you are looking for, in sizes and spoke count. Introducing the RAD15 Tornado35 … Read more

Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland

Want to convert your own bike into an electric bike? Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland is an experienced specialist in converting ‘normal’ bicycles into e-bikes. From cargo bike and city bike to mountain bike; from recumbent to tandem, from folding bike to wheelchair bike. Fiets Ombouwcentrum Nederland has conversion kits with a motor in the front wheel … Read more