K-Ryole is a smart electric trailer: attached to your bike, it allows you to transport up to 500 kilos effortlessly and without even realising it! It can be attached to any bicycle, conventional or electric, in a few seconds and has a very long battery life. K-Ryole is aimed at last-mile professionals looking for a … Read more


Fleximodal develops and produces solutions for low-carbon urban logistics. BicyLift trailer and its modules are now used throughout Europe on behalf of the largest transport companies. BicyLift provides an alternative to the tail lift and pallet jack combination for single pallet delivery flows to recipients in dense urban zones. Combining the features of a handling … Read more


LEAVE YOUR BURDEN BEHIND Hamburg-based NÜWIEL provides a sustainable and reliable solution for transporting goods in urban areas. NÜWIEL eTrailer is world’s first electric trailer with a patent-granted sensor technology. Our technology enables the eTrailer to automatically accelerate and brake with a millisecond precision, making it possible for the users to move twice their own … Read more

Carla Cargo

The electric CARLA is the emission-free alternative to the car and sets new standards in environmentally friendly logistics. The CARLA inspires with a great driving experience and allows you to transport large loads quickly and comfortably. Thanks to the integrated mechanical overrun brake, the transport of heavy loads is safe! The electronic support makes your … Read more